The prayer of righteous man is powerful and effective-JAMES 5:16

If you reading this,please don’t just pass it by.I’ll be speaking infront of young group in our church for my very first time today.It would be really nice if you prayed for me.Few sentences is enough and it really helps.
Thank anyone who will!
Have blessed day :)

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I know this is the easter time,when people are celebrating that Jesus Christ died for us, but please don’t let that see Him as someone beaten on the cross,don’t forget that he rise up on the third day and he is the greatest winner in history of this world.
So this year,instead of celebrating that he died,celebrate that He is our LIVING God.

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10yrs ago we welcomed our little girl into the world. I have never cried so hard in my life. I tell people all the time that it was the greatest single moment of worship I have ever had. I loved her before I met her and when she was finally in my arms I knew I had never loved like that before. The only love I had known before was a romantic love that was developed in my marriage and cultivated and cared for between nicci and myself through ups and downs and trials and triumphs. But this was different. I realized that even though I loved this little baby with all of my heart and would do anything for her I recognized she could do nothing for me and could in no way validate my love. She had need and no way to give. Then in one moment I heard the Father say to me, “I love you like this”. “You have nothing you can offer me and you can never love me as much as I love you.” I was undone, I couldn’t fathom that God could even love me as much as I love this little bundle. Then 16 months later after several doctors appts she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and our world was changed forever. But here is the point; that moment of unexpected hurt led us to the Holy Spirit and all that we are doing now. So anyone anywhere in the world who has ever been impacted by our music or our ministry can thank this little girl and the hardship she must daily endure. She is a light in the middle of a world who wants you to grow up faster, stay busier, and never slow down. I have never learned so much from someone so little. Happy Birthday to my beautiful princess, you have already impacted the world with your life and your mom and I are so proud of you.
Jake Hamilton.

Oh please,project x is ridiculous.
Jesus threw ¬†a party for 12 people and whole world is still talking ‘bout it 2014 years later.

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