Q: Quit worrying about theology and love Jesus


Theology, in Greek, stems from theos (Θεός) and logos (λόγος). Theos translates to “god” and logos translates to “word” or idea. So when you’re telling me not to study the words and ideas of God, you’re telling me to avoid Christology (study of Christ) as well. How am I to love the Messiah if know nothing about Him? We can’t even enter into a relationship with another human without an understanding of who they are. And how much more worthy is our God to be known by us? I will never understand the depths of God, but I will work with the knowledge that He has given me in the Scriptures to worship and glorify Him with the power of the Holy Spirit to the fullest extent.

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When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness. Malcolm X  (via jesuszoned)

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You better iron your clothes before you go to church

Because He must increase and you must de-crease

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